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This is a Fixed Auction for up to 25 Banner Scanner Blocks, No. AR1GHF and LM3 Logic Module .
PLEASE NOTE: Each Bid is for ONE Block.

Input - 10-30VDC

Output 30VDC 250MA

Banner MULTI-BEAM® sensors are compact modular self contained photoelectric switches. Each MULTI-BEAM consists of three components: scanner block, power block, and logic module.

The scanner block contains the complete modulated photoelectric amplifier as well as the emitter and receiver optoelements. It also contains the sensing optics and the housing for the other two modules. The power block provides the interface between the scanner block and the external circuit. It contains a power supply for the MULTI-BEAM plus a switching device to interface the circuit to be controlled. The logic module interconnects the power block and scanner block both electrically and mechanically. It provides the desired timing logic function (if any), plus the ability to program the output for either light- or dark-operate.

The LM3 is an on-off logic module that has the ability to be programmed for either LIGHT operate or DARK operate. It comes with a jumper wire installed: with the jumper in place, the output is DARK operated; with the jumper removed, the output is LIGHT operated. The LM3 is the most commonly used logic module when no timing function is desired, particularly if it is not known at the time of ordering which mode (LIGHT or DARK operate) will be needed.

Model SBAR1GHF is equipped with an upper cover assembly (model UC-RF) which allows an individual glass fiber optic assembly to be attached to the receiver optoelement. This model is used for ambient light detection in locations which are either too confined or too hot for mounting of the complete scanner block. A typical application involves sensing product presence or counting during processing of red-hot or molten glass or metal.
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Over a 15-year period, Banner has placed first in more than 50 consecutive independent studies of engineers' purchasing preferences.
This preference has led to leading market share results. Banner sells more photoelectric sensors and ultrasonic proximity sensors than any other company in the U.S. market.
I will fully guarantee these items.
Shipping in the Continental US is FREE - I have very competitive rates for our always welcomed International bidders.
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