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You are bidding on a Like New Starrett 24 Inch Vernier Calipers, Catalogue No. 123Z-24.
Now, Starrett introduces the ultimate in Vernier gage design—the new
No. 123 SATIN CHROME MASTER VERNIER Caliper, featuring greatly
improved, easier, faster reading with maximum accuracy, rigidity and
long gaging life.

New long 50-division Vernier scales with widely spaced easy-to-read
graduations make possible greatly simplified settings and readings
without the use of a magnifying glass. This feature permits just
half as many bar graduations as conventional single or double Verier
tools, a further asset to fast, accurate readings. Flush fitting of the
Vernier scales, both in the same plane, eliminates reading errors caused
by parallax, and insures exact alignment of matching lines on bar and

The open-face design of the Starrett MASTER VERNIER Caliper
also makes possible two Vernier scales on one side of the gage for
inside and outside measurements, thus allowing both Verniers to be
read without turning tool over.

An extremely important feature of this gage is Starrett SATIN
CHROME over the entire tool including all reading surfaces. This exclusive
finish, pioneered by Starrett, eliminates glare under all shop
lighting conditions, makes reading a pleasure instead of an effort. Surfaces
are hard chrome plated for resistance to rust and stain. Both bar
and Vernier scales are machine divided to highest accuracy.
The master bar, hardened and stabilized for maximum rigidity and
long lasting accuracy, features combination straight and angular ways
for positive alignment of graduations and easy adjusting nut.
The long length of the adjusting jaw provides a longer bearing surface
on the master bar, thereby insuring squareness with the solid jaw
and extra resistance to springing.

Bar Width -- 15/16"
Approx. Jaw Depth -- 2 5/16"
Max. Nib Width Closed - .300"
For more Information see:
Also included is the rugged wood carrying/storage case.
Starrett. a leader who has set the standard for fine precision tools in industry for over 122 years, has rightfully earned the title, "World's Greatest Toolmakers".
I will fully guarantee this Vernier - new cost is $1000 - proudly "Made in the USA".
We have lots of quality inspection tools available - see my other auctions.
Shipping in the Continental US is $19.90 - - I have very competitive rates for our always welcomed International bidders.
Thanks for looking! If you have any question on this item please call us at 1-800-826-3433 (9 - 5pm Eastern).
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