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UP TO 10 New PitchFinder Roof Pitch Finder Gauge Calculators

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UP TO 10 New PitchFinder Roof Pitch Finder Gauge Calculators
You are bidding on a up to 10 Brand New PitchFinder Roof Pitch Finder Gauge Calculators.
Each bid is for ONE Unit.
Pitch Finder is an exciting tool designed to measure, determine, and calculate roof pitch, % of slope, degrees, plumb, and level simply and accurately.
Ideal for roofing contractors, inspectors, insurance adjusters, architects, contractors, designers and drafters.
Pitch Finder will revolutionize the industry with its multi-purpose features.

Hold Pitch Finder in either hand against surface to be measured.
Pitch, % of Slope, Degree (e.g. 45, 90, 180, etc.), Plumb or Level are clearly displayed on the numbered scale.

To get a pitch estimate, Pitch Finder can be used from the street. This is very handy when a ladder is not available or the roof is inaccessible.

Pitch Finder easily measures the rake of a roof and can also be used to measure the rake of a stage.

Measure a mansard roof and can also be used to measure plumb and level as well as 360°.


Constructed of sturdy polystyrene, Pitch Finder includes a clear polycarbonate lens that exposes the sealed indicia and the needle. The tool functions completely through gravity, so no batteries or maintenance is required.
D imensions measuring 24” long and 6” high and weighing only one pound, PitchFinder® is portable and easily carried up ladders for use on roofs and higher elevations.

U.S. Patent

Made in the USA.
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