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UP TO 6 New Hitachi Cord Armor 940-778

UP TO 6 New Hitachi Cord Armor 940-778

  • $ 299

UP TO 6 New Hitachi Cord Armor 940-778

This is an Auction for up to 6 New in the Package, Hitachi Cord Armors, Catalogue # 940-778.
Each bid is for ONE Package.

For Tools

Hitachi SB75(B)
Hitachi C10FCE
Hitachi C10FCH
Hitachi SB10T

Hitachi C10FCB
Hitachi C12LC
Hitachi DH40MR
Hitachi DH40FA

Hitachi DH50MB
Hitachi SAT180
Hitachi H65
Hitachi DH38YE

Hitachi C10FCE2
Hitachi C10FCH2
Hitachi C12FCH
Hitachi C12LCH

Hitachi C12FDH
Hitachi C12LDH
Hitachi C15FB
Hitachi C7SB2

Hitachi C7YAH
Hitachi SB8V2
Hitachi G18MR
Hitachi G18SR

Hitachi G18SCY
Hitachi G23SR
Hitachi G23MR
Hitachi G23SCY

Hitachi DH40FR
Hitachi H65SD2
Hitachi C7YAK
Hitachi CC12Y

Hitachi DH50SBK
Hitachi H55SC
Hitachi H90SE
I will fully guarantee this great item.
Shipping in the Continental US is $1.99 - I have very competitive rates for International bidders that are always welcome.
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