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You are bidding on a Wilkerson Instrument DC Input DIN-Rail Mounted Fixed Range Isolated Output Transmitter, Model DM4300A.
The DM4300A provides an isolated output voltage or current proportional to an input voltage or current. The input and output ranges are fixed at 0/10Vdc or 4/20mAdc. It is useful for converting voltages to current, currents to voltage.
The DM4300A module, with the fast response option, produces a change in output signal to within 99% of the change in input signal in less than 150 microseconds. This option makes it useful in motor control feedback circuits.
The output is fully isolated from input, line power, and ground. The unit is useful for eliminating ground loops and for isolating from common mode voltages. The DM4300A utilizes a feed- back voltage controlled oscillator to develop a digital signal with a duty cycle proportional to the input signal ampli- tude. This signal is coupled through an isolating pulse transformer to the output circuitry, where the duty cycle data is converted to a proportional output signal level.
The module includes filtering and conditioning to reduce susceptibility to transients and noisy environments.For more Information see:
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